FUTURE STRATEGIES  भविष्य की रणनीतियाँ

Multi dimensional challange

With ongoing developments in the business and industrial climate the management practices also getting multi-dimensional changes. The Mantra of modern management "Professionalism," makes a real difference in the performance and achievement of individuals and institutions in the present fast changing order of the Indian economy. In this juncture, as a prominent institute, the ICM Kannur with its Vision, Mission and Values, is continuing its journey in the field of cooperative and management training and it aims to become a self-reliant Institution in the years to come by adopting the following strategies.

1. Bringing the untapped sectors to the training fold

2. Balanced approach on LDP s and MDP s

3. Thrust on innovative programmes

4.  Effort to bring home outside experiences and practices

5. Increased focus on Research

6. Exploring the possibilities of undertaking more projects

7. Increased focus on consultancy

8. Efforts to provide exposure on Cooperative experiments outside the State.


Management Development Programmes, Core Banking, Cloud Computing and Cyber Securities, Digital Banking and Cashless Transactions, Communication, Motivation and Time Management, Organizational Transformation for the BODs and Secretaries of PACS, Marketing Strategy for New Banking Services for the Officers of PACS, Credit Appraisal and Asset Management, Marketing of Financial Services for the Officers of PACS, Credit Appraisal for the Br. Managers of PACS, Business Diversification ...

Online Programmes

Due to Covid Pandemic ICM Kannur has utilized to support of on-line platform by conducting various on-line progammes during the last two years.