Director  निदेशक

  Dr. A. K. Zakir Hussain
Positions Held
  Director i/c, ICM Kannur, Since 01.03.2024
  0497-2754 044 (O), 9400690718
Date of Joining
  1. Mcom 2. Mphil 3. ICWAI(Inter) 4. DBIM 5. MBA 6. CTFC 7. Phd
  1. 26 Years Training undergone at 1. VAMNICOM, Pune 2.CAB, RBI, Pune 3.BIRD, Lucknow 4.BIRD, Mangalore 5. ISTD, New Delhi 6. IMC Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Area of Specialisation
  1.Accounting 2. Costing 3. Cooperation 4. Banking 5. Taxation
Consultancy Works Under Taken
  1. ICDP, Kohikode, ICDP Wayanad and ICDP Thrissur•Costing of Services in AKG Cooperative Hospital, Kannur•Business Development of Payyanur Consumer Cooperative Store, Kannur•Establishment of Farmers Service Centre in Mayyil SCB Ltd.•Establishment of CBS in PACS
  More than 140 articles, case studies and book reviews published in various journals: Some of them are as follows:1.Progression of PACS in Kerala, VINIMAYA, NIBM, Pune, Oct.-Dec. 2012 2.TDS on Interest Payment – The case of Urban Coop. Banks, The Indian Banker, Mumbai, Aug. 2016 3.UCBs in the changing banking scenario, Cooperative Perspective, VAMNICOM, Pune, Jan-Mar 2017 4.Income tax applicable to Marketing Cooperatives – Cooperative Perspective, VAMNICOM, Pune, Oct.2019-March 2019 5.Section 80(P) of IT Act – Acomprehensive Analysis, NAFSCOB Journal of Rural Coop. Credit and Banking, Apr-June 2019 6.Tax Deductions and Exemptions to Cooperatives – An Analysis, Cooperative Perspective, VAMNICOM, Pune, Oct.-2019-March 2020 7.Banking Regulation (Amendment) Ordinance 2020- Analysis with reference to Section 3, Tamilnadu Journal of Cooperation, Sep. 2020 8.A study on the factors contributing to viability of PACS in Kerala (Digital Souvenir of NCCT, New Delhi, International Cooperative Day, July 2021)9.Analysis of Section 194N: Budget Proposal 2023, The Cooperator, New Dehli, Feb. 2023 10.Analysis of Sections 269SS -Books Published 1.Cooperative Credit and Banking – 2007 edition, Limra Publications, Chennai 2.Cooperative Credit and Banking (with case studies and selected Acts) – 2010, Limra Publications3.Theory, Law and Practice of Coop. Banking – 2014, Limra Publications4.Theory, Law and Practice of Coop. Banking – Thoroughly Revised Edition 2017, Limra Publications5.Theory, Law and Practice of Coop. Banking – Reprint 20196.Non Credit Cooperatives – 2019, Limra Publications7.Contributed two chapters in the edited book on Non Credit Cooperatives by ACSTI, Thiruvananthapuram, 20208.Cooperative Banking and Finance, 2022, Vijay Nichole Publications, Chennai 9.Non Credit Cooperatives – 2024 Vijay Nichole Publications, Chennai (under publication)Seminar Presentation1.International Seminar on Financial Inclusion, Kannur University during Feb. 20112.National Seminar on Banking at Calicut University during March 20113.Presented a paper in a National Seminar organized by KUVEMPU University, Karnataka, March 20124.Presented a paper on Best Practices of PACS in a Annual National Convention of the Indian Society for Studies in Cooperation organized at Gandhigram Rural Institute, Tamilnadu during Jan. 20155.Presented a paper on Challenges for PACS in Kerala organized by Dept. of Cooperation, Govt. of Kerala under Kerala Cooperatives: Vision 2025 during Aug. 20156.Presented a paper in State-level workshop organized by Dept. of Cooperation, SRMV College of Arts and Science during Oct. 2018 7.Presented a paper in the national seminar on sustainable agriculture, AIASA Kerala Summit during April 20198.Presented a paper in the National level seminar on Cooperative Alternative: Spatial Comparison organized by Kannur University during May 2019Other Assignments 1.Drafted Accreditation Parameters for grading cooperative training institutions in India constituted by C PEC, BIRD, NABARD and submitted during Jan. 2010 2.Prepared Course Material for IGNOU, New Delhi on the subject “Cooperative Banking” during Sep. 2010 3.A member in the Working Group constituted by CPEC, BIRD, Lucknow which prepared Training Guide for Standardized Training Programme during Feb. 20114.A member in the Core Team for restructuring the HDCM course syllabusof NCCT during July 2012 5.Participated in the Syllabus modernization of MBA programmes in Kerala, ASC-KUFOS, Kerala during Nov. 20166.A member in the Committee to finalize the modalities for introducing Diploma Programme on E-learning Mode by NCCT, New Delhi during 2017